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the place for all your moricon goodness

8 June
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unleash your destiny

.// the 4-1-1
The purpose of this journal is for the display of bittersuite's icons. If you desire to use my icons I simply ask that you give credit to either moricons or bittersuite. Thanks. =)

.// accolades
awards and accolades

.// other information
I welcome requests, just e-mail me here or reply to an entry.
Also, if you would like to be apart of my 'affiliates' just send me an e-mail stating such--include a button or a link to a button, please. I will be sure to add you, it would also be appreciated if you did the same, by taking a button and linking in your userinfo.

.// credit
templates —

textures & light effects —
__kali__ aibi alaskanicons
any_otherday ashke_icons dearest
haito hermyonegranger icons_with_love
ilmare inextorablyhere ladybanteerin
lanitha lily_sunshine lookslikerain
balcarin scarsonchest tehqueenisdead

disclaimer —
Any other copyrighted material ( i.e., images from movies, comics, etc ) is credited to its rightful owner, company and/or studio. I do not claim any images as my own—save the art work that is mine—and only ask for credit for my cropping, manipulation, etc. If any of these things I am using happen to be yours and you wish for them not to be used, simply e-mail me and I will quit the use of your material and remove any works that have used any said material. I do this for my own fun and for the benefit of others, I do not receive any monies for my service.

.// links out & in
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